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Workshops 2018

The Catholic Art Guild is committed to preserving old world art making techniques, hosting Master artists and teaching from a uniquely Catholic perspective. As such we are delighted to offer the following workshops that cannot be offered elsewhere.

January 03, 2023

June 18- 22, 2018
Master Artist: Anthony Visco

The Four Canons of Composition Drawing Workshop

9:00am - 4:45 pm, St. John Cantius Canonry, St. Therese Hall & The Art Institute of Chicago


Master Artist: Jed Gibbons
Medieval Illumination of Our Lady of Guadalupe

9:00am - 5 pm, St. John Cantius Canonry

Rescheduled dates TBD

July 16- 21, 2018
Daprato-Rigali Studios
Stained Glass Fabrication Workshop

10:00am - 4 pm, St. John Cantius Canonry

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