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Speaker Series: Fr. C. Frank Phillips

December 2, 2017
Fr. C. Frank Phillips, Pastor of St. John Cantius

"Vesture and Vestments"

7:00 pm St. John Cantius Parish Hall


Synopsis:  Sacred Ministers lead ordinary individuals to the altar of sacrifice wearing extraordinary vesture.  Both the Eastern Rites and our own Latin Rite have preserved this extraordinary vesture in order to elevate the hearts, minds and souls of the Faithful.  Sacred vesture and vestments grant us a glimpse of the beatific vision in the adoration of the Lamb of Sacrifice, in offering the Sacrifice of the Cross in an unbloody way.  Prescribed vesture with accompanying prayers prepares the Priest in his offering the Holy Sacrifice.  This presentation will explain the importance of each liturgical vestment, describe the various forms of vestments used throughout the centuries with examples from the treasury of sacred vestments used at St. John Cantius parish.

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